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On this page you’ll find all of the key players who are instrumental in helping your family through the probate process.

We have spent time building relationships and built a team of specialist throughout Florida in all of these categories below.

This unique team allows us to bring value to families unaware, or simply don’t have the time or interest in handling all the moving pieces during the probate process. Making us your one-stop-shop for all of your probate needs.

  • Direct Buyer / Real Estate Agent
  • Probate Cash Advance
  • Estate Sale Company
  • Probate Attorney
  • CPA
  • Property Manager
  • Insurance company
  • Handyman / landscapers
  • Financial adviser

Real Estate Agent / Direct House Buyer

If real estate is involved in the estate, having the option of a quick sale from a direct cash buyer, maybe trying the market for top-dollar by listing an house on the MLS, or perhaps a creative strategy unique to an estate’s house selling needs, is a great value we provide and our families appreciate. Among all the team members we’ve listed, our company, AIM Property Help, has a prominent role in assisting with all real estate selling needs.

Probate Advance

A probate advance, or inheritance advance, is a cash advance solution that offers immediate payment of less than your full inheritance for the right to receive the full amount when probate closes. It’s an alternative method to accessing a portion of your assigned estate proceeds. The main benefit of this product is that you can get your proceeds quickly rather than waiting the six to twelve months it can take to close probate.

Estate Sale Companies

When our loved ones pass away, their belongings are left for the heirs to deal with. Hiring an estate sale professional helps alleviate the burden and stress of trying to organize an estate sale on your own. At an estate sale, which usually occurs on the decedent’s property for a few days,  items can be sold as-is and potential buyers are given the chance to examine items before making an offer. An estate sale is essentially an garage sale of your choice that’s overseen by an professional company. The company takes an percentage of profits with the rest going to the estate and they create convenience for our families making them a great asset to our team.

Probate Attorney/Estate Planner

If you’ve been tasked with settling the estate of a loved one, you might wonder if you’ll need to hire a lawyer. Yes, we recommend it! We have seen families make mistakes that costed time and money while settling their estate without an lawyer. A probate attorney plays a key role in the probate process, and is someone who helps you guide an estate through the probate process. When settling an estate, the list of tasks is long, and a probate attorney can usually help with all of them and can also help with estate planning. We simply can’t navigate through the legalities of probate, and we are pleased to have the best PROBATE attorneys on our team.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Estate tax laws are very complex and they are constantly evolving. When tax laws change, best practices that worked in the past become outdated. To stay on top of these changes, we have tax accountants on our team with expertise and experience in complex planning and maneuvering the ever-changing estate tax field. 

Property Manager

If dealing with brokers, maintenance, tenants, rent collection and all the nuances of property management isn’t the best use of your time, hire a professional to help you. Property managers are helpful especially for heirs who are out of state. Property managers are beneficial for anyone owning rental property, even those with only one property. If you’re not able to maintain the property on your own or be there in person often, then you’ll want to ask about the property manages  on our team.


To ensure the house is covered, the heirs or the executor of the estate should contact the current insurance company and inquire as to coverage options. Short-term homeowner’s insurance while the home is in probate may be pricey, especially if the home is vacant, but ensuring continuity of coverage and protecting the home is essential. We have local insurance experts apart of our network to help secure your families home.


Using our landscapers and handymen in our network is all about maintaining the estate’s property and providing convenience for your family. Our contractors have great experience in performing a wide variety of tasks and repairs. Using our vetted contractors will give you piece of mind that the work will be done quickly and more efficiently than you could do for yourself.

Financial Adviser

We have reputable advisor on our team who is willing to review the estate’s portfolio to determine if there’s any glaring problems, and help you avoid costly mistakes that could land you, as an executor with a fiduciary duty, in legal trouble. A financial expert can help heirs uncover investments they might not know about and help maximize the assets that will go to beneficiaries.

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