Need Probate Resources? Selling An Inherited House In Probate In Florida?

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Helping You Through Probate With The Right Team

Settling an estate requires a team of specialist to help you through the process. Our company, AIM Property Help, can assist your family in all areas of probate allowing us to bring value to families unaware, or simply don’t have the time or interest in handling all the moving pieces during the probate process.


The benefit of working with us is we assist with all the challenges like paring you with a probate attorney in your area, an estate sales company to help get rid of personal property, or maybe a quick cash advance company if you need funds to get you by until probate is closed.

These are just a few of several specialist you may need to help you. Here’s our list of key probate specialist within our network: Here.

We are a one-stop shop for all of your estate settling needs, connecting you with vetted professionals within our network to help you along the way.

Our team is here to help families with the things they either don’t know how to do, or don’t want to do.

Are You Selling An Inherited House In Florida?

AIM Property Help specializes in helping heirs and personal representatives with unwanted inherited property.

Some of the ways we work with family’s wanting to sell an inherited house include:

We can get your house listed on the market and sell your Florida house fast.

Or, if you’re looking for speed, convenience, and a want to quickly sell a house in probate, we are a direct buyer, that’s able to provide an offer and close in a couple of days not months!

Managing an inherited house or an estate settlement can be a lot for a family to handle. Allow us to do some of the heavy lifting for you. Use us. Use are resources!

How Can We Help?

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First, Do you have to sell your family’s house? I often ask, “Why not keep it?” There’s a huge responsibility in inheriting a property, but Inheriting a house from loved one can be a life-changing opportunity, or an emotional nightmare. So ask yourself, is keeping this home more of a benefit to your family now, or a burden? Here’s my thoughts here:

Going through probate can be difficult, especially when a house is part of the estate. We help families that simply can’t take on the challenges of a inherited house by providing resources and assisting through Florida laws when we buy or sell a house in probate.


Did you know you can sell a house while it is in probate? Often our loved ones that have passed also leave behind outstanding debts and costs. Sometimes the estate may have to sell off assets to cover these expenses. This can be done once the court has the appointed a personal representative, the property can then be sold during probate. The personal representative will use a court ordered documents called “letters of administrations” that proves their authority over the estate.

How Are You Inheriting a house In Florida

There’s Three ways to inherited a house in Florida. The way you inhertied house will determine if probate is required or not.

  • WILL
  • DEED


You can inherit a house by a will. A will is a document signed by the descendant (deceased individual) that name the beneficiaries whom the decedent wants to receive the decedent’s probate assets. If you inherited a house in Florida by will, In order to sell the house you inherited by will, you will still need to go through the Florida probate court.


If you inherited a house in Florida by living trust, Property owned by a decedent’s living trust instead of their name does not require probate. The appointed trustee may administer living trust property and transfer the property to trust beneficiaries without probate.


You inherit a house by deed when someone dies and you jointly owned the house with them before their passing (joint tenancy). Once you inherited the deed, this does not involve Florida probate proceedings and may typically involve the recording of an affidavit or death certificate in the public records. 

Our family is regularly helping families across Florida with our network of resources and partners. If you want all of the benefits that come with working with us, fill out a form to get started, shoot us a text or call at: (863) 332-2124

How Can We Help?

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