AIM PROPERTY HELP LLC is a real estate solutions company based out of Polk County.  We’re a family-owned business that got its start back in the 90s. Our focus is helping homeowners like you find solutions for your property problems whether you’re going through a foreclosure, can’t sell your property, or just need to sell your house for any kinds of reason.

Through years of experience as home buyers in FL, we’ve made our home renovations very simple & cost-efficient so that we can afford to make you a HIGHER offer for your home!

We’re a house buying company, known for our fair offers. We understand above all else, that no one will accept an offer that won’t work for them. This is why we go all out to present our highest possible offer. .


1. Small team big results!

We are a small team of family members and local partners. We dream of growing bigger but love our size and love each other. Our chemistry together is significant to our success in solving your problems. Our close work provides better customer service and relationships.


Imagine going to the hospital only for the doctor to say, “Sorry. I can’t help you,” and leave without providing any direction or referral to another doctor. How would you feel? We try and solve every problem that comes are way, but some just may not work out for us. If we cant help, we will not just walk away, we will refer you to other companies that could possibly help and give you our best advice that we think may help you and your family’s situation.


There are tons of ways to buy and sell a house. We give options other than for you to choose from.  We are creative thinkers that will work to solve your unique problem, where some companies would simply move on.

Yes, we are a Real Estate Investing Company, and like any other company we are in business to make money but, of course, it’s more to it than money. We get to regularly help people who may have a burdensome property they need to sell, and providing solutions is what drives us and our company.

Give us a shot! Call AIM PROPERTY HELP LLC Today! 407-720-5961